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A natural dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She has shared passion for all three. The art's emotional delivery is her true passion. Her vision is to spread this to the world of dance. She expresses is every class or performance the most powerful aspect of any artist is their emotional delivery. Due to her craft, she's had the good fortune to travel and perform with the following artists:
- Snoop Dogg 2 year World Tour
- Jay Sean Australian & Asian Tour
- Lil Wayne US Tour
- Pitbull Live Peformances – VH1 Divas Live, American Music Awards, Dancing With The Stars & X Factor
- Nick Cannon Music Videos – Dance Floor & Looking For A Dream
- Mike Posner Music Video – Looks Like Sex
- Jay Sean Live Peformances – Ellen Degeners & The Jay Leno Show
- Queen Latifah, Nicole Scherzinger, & many more.

Brinn Nicole
Nina Heels


Nina from Sweden has a dance background mixture of Heels, salsa, bachata, kizomba, contemporary, jazz, samba, ballet, tango, to heels, popping, locking, breaking, hip hop, afro, dancehall and more. She has been touring around with shows, competing, and taught workshops in China, India, Mexico, Japan, Russia, France, UK, New York, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, CroaBa, South Africa, Dubai .... totally 50 + countries and 100+ cities including at World of Dance LA show. She has also won many competitions. One the biggest show competition in the world called DANCE DELIGHT PARIS and went to the world to the finals in JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT 2 times.

Heaven Liu


Heels, Hiphop instructor Dance age: 22 years Heels, Ballerina , Chinese Folk dance, jazz, hiphop & popping. Studios: Eighty eight studios LA, Snowglobe LA, Millennium Dance Complex China, GH5 dance studio China, 5KM dance studio China. Master class: NYC, San Diego, San Francisco, Orlando ,China. Credits: Coach, Sofia Cason, Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Lil Baby,Jack Harlow, Meta Quest, Uber Outfitter, Golden goose. Choreographer for Lady XO,Choreographer for Shanghai Gala shows for two years, Jiangsu Music festival stage director for 4 years, Judge for Hot Blood Street Dance 2018. 297k followers verified choreographer & pop star on Weibo(Chinese biggest social media)

Scarlett James

Scarlett grew up by the seashore of France in Celtic Brittany. She moved to Canada as an ambitious artist and has since become an acclaimed dancer internationally. Scarlett travels the four corners of the globe, headlining events and shows. She is recognized as the main figure for bringing burlesque to the mainstream audience. By producing the Montreal Burlesque Festival, the Grand Burlesque Show, the Scarlett Grande Revue, and other lavish events, Scarlett has become a fixture in the burlesque world. She started her career in 2007 and has since become an ambassador of glamour around the world. Her vlog on YouTube is gaining popularity, as well as her online fashion store and her handmade wearable art, La corneille noire.

Scarlett James
Sonia Kyriacou


Sonia put herself on stage and “Choreographed My Life”, accomplishing her wildest dreams by taking one step at the time, with spontaneity. She launched her first studio in Montreal’s Rosemont-La-Petite neighborhood. Later on, a partnership with Salsatheque Club changed everything. She taught there and starting running dance competitions, held massive events, and made a name for herself in the Montreal Latin dance community. She soon grew her network and reputation. She began not only teaching across all dance levels but also coaching actors, notably the late Paul Walker and Penelope Cruz for the movie Noel. In 1999, she moved the studio to Peel St., in Montreal’s lively downtown core. she also took on more roles and responsibilities, making San Tropez Studio one of Canada’s most well-known Latin dance schools and producing The Montreal Salsa Convention now on its 17th year. Her philosophy of life is largely inspired by dance. We all have a dream we yearn to achieve, and we need to choreograph our every move to make it happen.


Nancy Martel's dance journey began with figure skating from age 4 to 18, and she explored skating courses in France from age 12. Transitioning to dance, she sought a sport that matched her energy level. She embraced ballet at 20, later focusing on hip-hop and heels at Studio 273 in Charlemagne. During the pandemic, Nancy turned to online dance classes, enhancing her skills while working from home. Facing space constraints, she founded Le Clandestin Studio to provide a dedicated space for online classes. The pandemic unexpectedly increased her dance engagement, leading to unforeseen opportunities.

Nancy Martel
Fierce MTL - Marie-eve


Meet: FierceMTL 🤍 The all-female Dance Company was founded by none other than Marie-Ève, a young entrepreneur originally from Quebec. With training in classical ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop, Marie-Ève has been able to participate in various competitions nationally and internationally. At just 18 years old, she discovered Latin Dance, and has not stopped since. She founded FierceMTL, a dance company with a unique concept, promoting versatility and the fusion of styles.💃♀️ We cannot wait to watch the beautiful and confident women from FierceMTL tear it up on our stage at this year’s festival!🔥


Gabriela discovered twerk in 2016 and fell in love with the dance style right away! She founded her company Montreal Twerk shortly after and has since been sharing her passion with women all over Montreal. Her mission was to create a safe space and a judgment-free environment for women to connect with their bodies and explore their femininity! Her classes are an awesome mix between dancing and fitness, that will make you work out your whole body and particularly your legs and core. You will learn to move your hips and enjoy yourself to the sound of different music styles, such as hip hop, rap, dancehall, reggaeton and more.

Montreal Twerk Gabriela
Aletta Maslova


As co-owner of Golden Flame Dance Studio with her partner, Temi. They are a young and dynamic duo well-versed in multiple dance styles including Latin Dance, Ballroom, Oriental Belly Dance, Contemporary and Afro-Beat; which they incorporate into their unique and fun shows. 🌟🔥 Temi and Aletta have been dancing for over 20 years separately, 8 years together, and have been recognized for their talent and artistic vision at multiple events abroad and in Canada. 💃🕺


Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Rachel Romanoski is a multifaceted Canadian artist proficient in acting, singing, dancing, choreography, and modeling. With a B.A in Performance Arts, she has showcased her talents across Ontario cities such as Hamilton, Toronto, and Mississauga. Trained since age five, Rachel's expertise spans dance forms like Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, and more. Not only has she led Performing Art Seminars and global workshops, but she's also competed internationally, notably at World Of Dance. She's collaborated with artists like Reet Roy and Lauren Lyn, including international stars Nessa Preppy and Cocanina. Rachel passionately nurtures her students to foster confidence and self-expression. Dedicated to inspiring others, she eagerly shares her knowledge and zeal with those on similar artistic journeys.

Rachel Romanoski
Marilyne of MAFA Studio

Marilyne of MAFA Studio

Originally from Montreal, Marilyne has taken courses, training and dance and intensive programs in Montreal, Los Angeles and New York. Marilyne completed a bachelor's degree in kinesiology at UQAM in 2018. She worked for 5 years at the National Circus School as a dance coach and physical trainer with young athletes. Marilyne participated in the Quebec adaptation of America's best dance crew, Dance to Win (2018) with Womanity. She also participated in the second season of the Revolution (2019) show with Muse.


Lyza Manalo (she/her), is a filipina-artist based in Toronto, ON. She has had a strong passion for dance since the age of 3. In 2015, she discovered the Heels community and has trained under the mentorship of Kaela Faloon during her years in Sensual Heeling Company, as well as other choreographers such as Galen Hooks, Kira Harper, Aisha Francis and many more. Recently Lyza was featured as an Emerging Artist Choreographer under the MOVMNT Collective. She is the founder of Bevel Bootcamp in Toronto, which is now on it’s third season. Lyza has found her true passion for Heels as it combines her knowledge of technical training as well as her proud femininity. As a teacher, Lyza’s goal is to not only provide quality technique training but also to nurture empathy and togetherness between her students. Lines, Old School hits & an opportunity to strengthen your Heels foundation are a few characteristics to expect when learning from Lyza.

Lyza Manalo
Megan Ahneemah


Megan Ahneemah Gemieux is the founder of Beyond Heels, a dance therapy company. Her passion for dance helped her overcome her own doubts and judgments, inspiring her to create a space where women can regain their confidence, express their sensuality, and celebrate their femininity. With her degrees in psychology and education, she incorporates her expertise into her classes to provide a unique therapeutic dance experience, allowing women to break free and boost their self-esteem. Megan Ahneemah aims to empower women through dance, making Beyond Heels a place where they can feel stronger and more energized.


These two professional dancers joined forces to co-create VOLENDI 🌿 The Accelerator Program in Quebec City with the purpose of elevate, coach and help female identifying individuals through dance. With very different backgrounds, both artists agreed that creating a solid base of different styles would be the best way to enhance the confidence of aspiring performers. But most importantly, they looked for a way to build a safe space for growth, that will allow the program participants to genuinely fall in love with their art. They work hand in hand with Salsa Attitude to share their knowledge and inspire the next generation of dancers.

Laura Lelievre


Laura, from Quebec City, is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and massage therapist. She began at l’école de danse de Québec, mastering ballet and contemporary, and later exploring diverse styles. In 2012, she graduated from Quinte Ballet School of Canada and honed her skills in Toronto, especially at Canada’s National Ballet School’s Teacher Training Program, earning the Carol Chadwick award. Back in Quebec City, she taught at l’École de Danse de Québec and other institutes. By 2020, she was in Montreal, certified as a massage therapist and teaching at l’école Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. Competitively, Laura has achieved salsa and bachata titles, dancing alongside Ricky Damier and Steve Alvarez, while also performing with Alliance Dance Company. Now learning tango and zouk, she aspires to freelance globally as a dancer and choreographer.


After years of dance training in ballet, jazz, and competitive street Latin, Venus recognized the discipline of dance as a tool to improve one's life. Her creation, The Goddess Brand, connects you to your most powerful self through dance and fashion. She's changing the lives of women and empowering them to fulfill their destiny.



a dynamic dancer, embarked on her dance journey with Hip-Hop, mastering the art of movement. Along the way, she discovered the mesmerizing world of Whacking, showcasing her precision and grace. However, it was her transition into the enchanting realm of Heels that truly defined her path. Seven years ago, she fell in love with Heels dance, becoming an energetic and enthusiastic Heels teacher who encourages and empowers her students. Denica's teaching style fosters confidence and self-expression, emphasizing the art of storytelling through movement. Her passion leaves an indelible mark on the dance community and her students' hearts.

Adam Asselin-Rioux

Born in Quebec in 1990, Adam Asselin-Rioux is a versatile dancer with extensive training and experience in various styles, including jazz, ballet, and contemporary. He has performed in competitions, TV shows, and international tours, earning accolades and recognition. With a unique style that blends his diverse learnings, he excels in contemporary dance, partnering work, "floorwork," and lifts.

Sarah Poirier



Adri Chavez is the choreographer and director for Abanico Latin Sass. Adri is a versatile dancer born in Ecuador and currently living in Toronto. Her career started at 12 with ballroom dance, becoming Ecuadorian Latin Champion and Pan-American Runner-up. She graduated from San Francisco de Quito University with a Minor in Performing Arts, specializing in Modern Dance. During college, she also did an exchange program at Boston University where she trained in Jazz, Contemporary and Impro. After graduating, she explored urban and commercial styles such as Heels, Jazz Funk and Hip Hop in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. Her Latin roots, combined with her international study of various techniques, allowed her to develop a feminine style in her fusion choreography



The Underdog Dance Corp. is Waterloo's first beginner-focused adult dance studio for those who "never thought they would"! If you have two left feet - we want you! We are here to meet you where you're at and help you discover a love for dance and movement. We are often described as Waterloo's most inclusive, encouraging, and friendly space, as well as a "second home" for many of our students. Our studio values are safety, inclusivity, and respect.