LIVE Competition Registration

Summer Weekend August 11-14th, 2022
at Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Downtown Montreal

Open to Amateurs and Professionals

Participate in this 1st Montreal Heels Dance Competition open to everyone from beginner to advanced. Amateurs and Professionals alike can demonstrate their talent by competing in front of a live audience and judged by world renown dancers and compete for this year’s bragging rights for the best Heels dancer. Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. See below for the complete list of dances, categories and levels.


Welcome to the 2022 Montreal Heels Festival Competitions! 

The competitions are open to all national and international artists.

It will be held the weekend of August 11-15, 2022 and will be open to the  public. 


Make sure to be on time for the deadlines: 

*** ALL COMPETITORS MUST PURCHASE A PERFORMERS/COMPETITORS PASS to access the Full Weekend Activities. Once registered thru the competition registration portal (Eventtabs) you will be forwarded a link to purchase your Competitor Pass with a Promotional code.***

Until July 8th: Early bird registration

July 9-31st: Registrations at regular price

August 1st to 10th: Last chance


Schedule will be announced soon!

  • THERE WILL BE LIMITED SPOTS so make sure to register early! 
  • Competition/entry fees are non refundable
  • If you have any questions or if you need help to register, please contact us via the email address :

Upload your music via the upload button on the website (available soon). Suggested file type should be mp3 format. 

Please identify your file as follows: 
[PerformerName, Category, SongName.mp3]

Competition/entry fees are non refundable.




If there are fewer than 3 entries in any division, the MHF reserves the right to cancel or combine that division. If a division is canceled, the entry fee will be refunded. If a division is combined, the entry fee will apply to the combined division.

Competitors are encouraged to wear costumes or matching outfits. We strongly suggest that costumes are in good taste. Nudity is not allowed.

Costumes will be judged as part of Presentation.


Props are permitted. No dangerous props may be used during the competition. Props must be taken on and off stage within two minutes total. It is the dancer’s responsibility to ensure that the props are taken on and off stage, as well as making sure the stage is completely clean and clear after the routine is finished. For safety reasons, dancers cannot stand above 6 feet on a prop. No confetti or feathers are allowed. Please inform us of any prop usage. 


Length of Routine:

  • Solo showcases: 1:15 – 2:15 minutes
  • Amateur Showcases: 2:30 minutes or less
  • Pro-Am Showcases: 2:30 minutes or less
  • Team Showcases (Mixed Gender, Same Gender): 1:45 mins to 3.5 mins.


Music: A maximum of 3 songs can be mixed into your routine. 


The head judge will have final say on all discrepancies. 

By registering, competitors release the Montreal Heels Festival and judges of all liabilities. The dancer further acknowledges that the scores assigned to their submission will be publicly broadcasted. The dancer releases the rights for their submission for (but not limited to) public and promotional purposes.


Please follow current health recommendations


Solo Female Showcase

Solo Male Showcase

Solo Female Open Showcase

Solo Male Open Showcase


Couple Showcase

Couple Open Showcase


Teams Showcase

Teams Open Showcase



Solo Female Showcase

Solo Male Showcase

Solo Female Open Showcase

Solo Male Open Showcase


Couple Showcase

Couple Open Showcase


Teams Showcase

Teams Open Showcase



Pro-Am Female Showcase

Pro-Am Male Showcase

Pro-Am Female Open Showcase

Pro-Am Male Open Showcase


Same Gender Female Showcase

Same Gender Male Showcase

Same Gender Female Open Showcase

Same Gender Male Open Showcase

Teams Showcase

Teams Open Showcase


20% TIMING The majority of the routine should show recognizable Timing in that dance genre (ie. Freestyle, Salsa, Bachata, Hustle,etc.*)

15% MUSICALITY Competitors will demonstrate their ability to creatively work with the timing of their individual music. This can be done in a variety of ways, including patterns, footwork, “hits”, tricks, etc.

15% GENERAL DANCE TECHNIQUE & DANCE SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE Dance technique is reflected through balance, placement and line. This refers also to general technique for partner dance, where the movement is “grounded”, and there is clarity of proper weight changes from foot to foot. Movement should appear to be both clear and effortless.  

15% ATHLETIC COORDINATION/STRENGTH MOVES Reflected by difficulty of patterns, turns, intricacy of shine movements, and level of tricks, dips, drops and flares. Examples: The amount of turns done on both double and single foot. How intricate were the shines? Were moves properly executed? How about jumps, kicks, extensions? Any movements requiring exceptional balance, flexibility or strength? In order to get credit for any of these things, the movement must be successfully executed.

15% PARTNERING/CONNECTION This is reflected in the lead/follow aspect of the dance. Are partners truly connected, or are they merely executing choreography while holding hands? Synchronicity during side by sides or shines will also help determine the score in this category.

10% CHOREOGRAPHY The couple’s interpretation of the music. Good choreography should contain clever turn patterns and shines. All choreography should be musical, and couples should show a good usage of the space itself. Originality is a factor here.

10% OVERALL PRESENTATION/SHOWMANSHIP Overall Presentation score includes costuming, showmanship, and also good sportsmanship.

Upload your music in this Google Drive. The file will be handed directly to DJ for your competition showcase Saturday May 21st.

Suggested file type should be mp3 format. Please identify your file as follows:
[PerformerName – SongName.mp3]

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