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Welcome to the 2023 Montreal Heels Festival Dance Competitions!
Date: November 19, 2023 Time: 5:30 PM 




  • Showcase for Professional, Amateur, Pro-Am, Same-Gender, Solo & Team Dancers
  • Participation: Competitors of all nationalities welcome.
  • Minimum Age: Participants must be 18 years old at the time of the competition.


Competition Details:


  • Open to All: National and international artists are invited to participate.
  • Competitor Pass: It is mandatory for all registered competitors to acquire a Performers/Competitors Pass to gain access to the complete range of activities throughout the entire weekend.
  • Competition Date: November 19, 2023, 5:30 PM
  • Registration Deadline: Register by November 16, 2023.


Registration Formula – Showcase:


  • Competitors must register for a minimum of 2 showcases to be eligible for the reduced-price competitor pass.
  • If registering for less than 2 entries, competitors must still purchase a Full Pass at the regular price.
  • Competition/Entry Fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.
  • Registration Deadlines:
    • Until Aug 15th: Early bird registration
    • Aug 16th to Oct 15th: Regular price registrations
    • Oct 16th to Nov 16th: Last chance registrations


Steps to Obtain the Competitor Pass:


  1. Send proof of registration to MBF to receive the PROMO CODE.
  2. Obtain the competitor pass on Eventbrite using the assigned promotional code.
  3. A Competitor Pass offers the same access as a Regular Pass.
  4. No refunds or transfers for purchased “Competitor Pass.”
  5. Competitor Pass Price Timeline:
    • Until Sept. 15th: $119 + fees
    • Sept. 16th to Oct 15th: $129 + fees
    • Oct. 16th to Nov 1st: $139 + fees
    • Nov. 1st until Event: $159 + fees


Music Upload:


Please use the upload button on the ”Music Upload Link” tab to submit your music. We recommend using the mp3 format for your file. When naming your file, please follow this format: [PerformerName, Category, SongName.mp3].



Additional Details:


  • Media Release: Participants grant authorization for the unrestricted use of media (photos/videos) for commercial purposes.
  • Liability: The festival is not responsible for accidents during preparation or performances.
  • Restrictions: Strictly prohibited: theme choreography, accessories, symbolism, etc.
  • Compliance and Penalties: Participants must follow regulations; non-compliance may result in penalties or disqualification.
  • Regulation Adjustment: Regulations subject to potential adjustments; participants must accept festival and judges’ decisions.
  • Withdrawal Policy: No reimbursement for withdrawn categories after payment.
  • Lost or Stolen Items: The festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, or forgotten items.
  • Eliminatory Stage: Festival may introduce elimination rounds if necessary.
  • Rehearsal: No run-throughs or dress rehearsals on the performance stage.
  • Score Announcement: Scores will be available on the website after the event.
  • VIP Seating Upgrades: VIP seating upgrades are available.


Join us at the 2nd Montreal Heels Festival on November 19, 2023, for an incredible showcase of talent and passion in the world of Heels dance!



  • Non-Refundable Fees: Entry fees for the competition are non-refundable.
  • Participant Pass Requirement: All participants must acquire a Performers/Competitors Pass.
  • Division Entries: Should any division receive fewer than 3 entries, MHF retains the right to cancel or merge divisions. If a division is canceled, the entry fee will be reimbursed. If divisions are combined, the entry fee will be applied to the merged division.
  • Heels Dance Emphasis: As this is the Heels Dance Competition, we encourage participants to embrace the essence of this unique style in their performances.
  • Attire and Costumes:Competitors are encouraged to wear costumes or matching outfits. We highly emphasize tastefulness in costume choices. Nudity is strictly prohibited. Costumes will be evaluated as part of the Presentation category.
  • Prop Usage:Props are allowed, with the exception of dangerous items. Props must be set up and removed from the stage within a total of two minutes. Competitors must ensure the stage is clean and clear after the routine. For safety reasons, props cannot exceed a height of 6 feet. Confetti and feathers are not permitted. Kindly inform us about any prop usage.


  • Routine Duration:
    • Solo Showcases: 1 minute 15 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds
    • Amateur Showcases:2 minutes 30 seconds or less
    • Pro-Am Showcases:2 minutes 30 seconds or less
    • Team Showcases (Mixed Gender, Same Gender):1 minute 45 seconds to 3 minutes 30 seconds


  • Music: You can integrate a maximum of 3 songs into your routine.
  • Judicial Authority:The head judge’s decisions will be considered final in all disputes.


By registering, participants release Montreal Heels Festival and judges from all responsibilities. Additionally, participants acknowledge that their scores will be publicly disclosed. Participants also grant the rights to use their submissions for public and promotional purposes, without limitation.


Heels Pro-Am Female

Heels Pro-Am Female Same-Gender

Open Pro-Am Female 

Open Pro-Am Female Same-Gender



Heels Pro-Am Male

Heels Pro-Am Male Same-Gender      

Open Pro-Am Male

Open Pro-Am Male Same-Gender



Amateur Heels Solo Male       

Amateur Open Female Same-Gender

Amateur Open Male Same-Gender    

Amateur Open Mixed-Gender            

Amateur Heels Female Same-Gender

Amateur Heels Male Same-Gender    

Amateur Heels Mixed-Gender

Amateur Heels Solo Female   

Amateur Open Solo Female    

Amateur Open Solo Male



Professional Heels Female Same-Gender       

Professional Heels Male Same-Gender          

Professional Heels Mixed-Gender      

Professional Heels Solo Female          

Professional Heels Solo Male             

Professional Open Female Same-Gender       

Professional Open Male Same-Gender          

Professional Open Mixed-Gender      

Professional Open Solo Female                      

Professional Open Solo Male



Heels Amateur Ladies Team               

Heels Amateur Men’s Team    

Heels Amateur Team Mixed-Gender              

Heels Pro-Am Ladies Team                 

Heels Pro-Am Men’s Team     

Heels Pro-Am Team Mixed-Gender    

Heels Professional Ladies Team          

Heels Professional Men’s Team          

Heels Professional Team Mixed-Gender         

Open Amateur Ladies Team               

Open Amateur Men’s Team                

Open Amateur Team Mixed-Gender              

Open Pro-Am Ladies Team                 

Open Pro-Am Men’s Team                  

Open Professional Ladies Team                      

Open Professional Men’s Team                      

Open Professional Team Mixed-Gender         

Open Pro-Am Team Mixed-Gender

Timing (20%)

Recognizable timing within the chosen dance genre is paramount in heels dancing. Dancers will be evaluated on their ability to connect with the rhythm, whether it’s freestyle, salsa, bachata, hustle, or another style. The routine should demonstrate a strong synchronization with the music’s rhythm, highlighting the dancer’s mastery of rhythm and movement.


Musicality (15%)

In the world of heels dancing, musicality takes center stage. Competitors will showcase their creativity in harmonizing with the timing of their individual music. This could include inventive patterns, footwork, “hits,” tricks, and other elements that intricately intertwine with the musical beat, elevating the performance to an artistic fusion of movement and music.


General Dance Technique & Dance-Specific Technique (15%)

Technique is the backbone of exceptional heels dancing. Balance, placement, and line contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the performance. The movement should appear both effortless and precise, reflecting the dancer’s command of foundational techniques specific to heels dancing.


Athletic Coordination/Strength Moves (15%)

Heels dancing thrives on athletic coordination and impressive displays of strength. Complex patterns, turns, shine movements, and the level of tricks, dips, drops, and flares are key components. Judges will assess the execution of moves, including turns on both double and single feet, intricate shines, jumps, kicks, extensions, and movements demanding exceptional balance, flexibility, or strength.


Synchronicity (15%)

At the core of heels dancing is the synchronicity between dancers and their connection to the music. Judges will evaluate the degree of synchronization within the performance. Genuine harmony between movements and the music, along with synchronicity during side by sides or shines, will significantly contribute to the score in this category, showcasing the seamless coordination inherent to heels dancing.


Choreography (10%) 

Choreography is the canvas for a dancer’s interpretation of music in heels dancing. Creativity and musicality shine through in this category. Clever turn patterns, shines, musical alignment, and the effective use of space all contribute to crafting an impactful choreography. Originality is a key factor as dancers create routines that reflect their unique artistic expression.


Overall Presentation/Showmanship (10%)

A captivating presentation is the culmination of a dancer’s artistry in heels dancing. Costuming, showmanship, and sportsmanship combine to create a memorable on-stage persona. Dancers who exude confidence, flair, and respect towards fellow competitors enhance their overall performance, embodying the spirit of heels dancing.


We’re thrilled to witness the talent and dedication of all participants. Each category contributes to the final score, reflecting a comprehensive evaluation of the dancers’ performances. Best of luck to all dancers, as we come together to celebrate the art, skill, and passion of heels dancing!

Link available shortly. The file will be handed directly to DJ for your dance competition showcase.

Suggested file type should be mp3 format. Please identify your file as follows:
[PerformerName – SongName.mp3]