1st Heels Festival in Montreal

Workshops - Shows - Competitions
August 11-14, 2022


What is Heels dance?

A new event for a brand new style of dance

A dancing style known as heels dance, also known as stiletto dance, originated in Europe and the United States. It is so called because one of its distinctive characteristics is the wearing of high-heeled shoes.

A popular solo dance style found in pop and hip-hop music videos. Dynamic footwork and technique from jazz dance, showgirl dance (the first technical dance form done in heels), hip hop, reggaeton and Latin dance are its distinguishing features.

Why you should attend

Brinn Nicole Dancer

Dance Workshops

Saturday & Sunday workshops with a mix of dance disciplines we will offer. Learn from world renown instructors bringing you fresh new moves for your prowess!

Dance Shows

You can expect to be entertained by the best local and national dancers.

Jessica dancer


Professionals and amateurs are welcome. You can compete as a solo, a couple, a team or in the same gender category. Heels is the focus but we also have an “open” category which means all styles of dance are welcome.

Marlene Montreal Heels Dance

DJ Parties

Friday night is our LATIN NIGHT with the best DJ’s until the wee hours of the morning. Saturday night is CLUB NIGHT! Dress to impress!


Benefit from a discounted price of 215$ for our attendees! Simply click on our link.

The festival will be held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in the heart of downtown Montreal

Workshops, Shows, Competitions + Parties

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